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ONLY $11.95

Prenatal Fitness DVD
For the Entire Body

ONLY $11.95

Reclaim Your Body & Re-Energize!  Fast!


ONLY $11.95

Re-Claim your body and Energize it FAST!

Fitness For Moms by: Go Mom Fitness

All of the DVDs in the Go Mom Fitness Series feature real moms with busy schedules. Just as the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty features real women of all shapes and sizes in their ads, Go Mom Features real moms that have other aspects to their lives than the quest of looking like perfectly-coiffed Barbie dolls with implants of steel and skimpy matching outfits. You can set a healthy example for your kids by having a strong, positive body image and Go Mom Fitness can help.

If you are a mom looking for pregnancy workouts, ab exercises after pregnancy, a great after pregnancy workout or your kids are older and you want to get into shape efficiently and realistically, Go Mom Fitness is for you.

We have three DVDs from Go Mom Fitness to choose from including:

   -Go Mom Fitness: Prenatal Fitness for the entire body

   -Go Mom Fitness: Recharge IT!

   -Go Mom Fitness: Dance IT!

Our award-winning Prenatal Fitness DVD is amazing for moms during all the stages of pregnancy. The DVD gives you 90 minutes of exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles you will use during and after pregnancy in order to bounce back after baby.

The newly released Recharge IT DVD offers workouts for postpartum moms that want to workout after baby is born and moms with children of any age that want to strengthen, tone, rejuvenate. The Get Your Abs Back After Kids segment teaches you essential ab exercises after pregnancy needed to regain control of your core and pelvic floor muscles. This can be learned no matter how long ago you had children.

The Go Mom Fitness: Dance IT! Fitness DVD has just been released to help moms strengthen and tone their legs, arms and abs in two fun dance routines sure to improve balance and coordination. Carry yourself with grace and confidence, Dance IT!

Being happy in your own body will allow you to bring the best “you” to everything you do-
and set a healthy example for your kids by having a strong, positive body image.