Heather Smulyan

“I had significant back pain in the beginning of my pregnancy. The back exercises from the Torso Strengthening Workout relieved it! I felt very prepared for labor. I know the reason I recovered and was back into my regular clothes so quickly after I had my baby was due to the exercises on this video!! The couples stretching was great also. It kept my muscles limber and helped me to relax.”



Ellen Rojas

I have to confess that I have been watching your website for a new DVD since I had my third son 15 months ago. I think that either I read on the website or the prenatal DVD that you were working on a postnatal DVD and I was just so excited when I saw you had the new one.

”I hope that you have a lot of success with these new DVDs. I know that the abdominal workout on the prenatal DVD really prepared my abs for delivery, but I have done little since then and now the diastasis is really bothering me( looking like I’m 5 months pregnant). I’ve gone back to your prenatal DVD to the ab workout and its helping, but I know I need more work. I’ve tried other DVDs over the last 15 months (while I was waiting for your new one!) and the only 2 other programs for diastasis are a little strange (using body rolling balls on one and the other, an abdominal binder, to be worn all the time). And some prenatal/postnatal programs don’t even mention diastasis! I loved that you had the info about breastfeeding, diastasis, and kegels on the prenatal. I am an RN (by training, staying at home with the kids for now) and really believe in educating women in these important areas that the OB/GYN probably won’t discuss. I just can’t say enough about what a great job you did on the prenatal DVD, it really is the best on the market!”

Rebecca Moore

“Hi Patrea,
I received your DVD and have watched everything on it. I’ve been able to do a few of the exercise segments and bought the items needed to go with them.  Your DVD is EXACTLY what I was looking for! (low key, but yet still works the muscles).
Thank you!!!!”



Erin Day

“Moms know how hard it is to target those stubborn abdominal muscles after having children.  Working out with Patrea personally, as well as all her videos (even though my youngest is 3, I still like doing the prenatal video) all help get that part of your body, and all the other parts too, back in shape!  I am stronger all over–my arms and legs look great, and those troublesome core muscles are tightening back up.  I highly recommend Patrea’s videos as well as having her as a trainer.” 



Kristin Stitle

“I have being using the Go Mom Fitness Prenatal DVD. It is wonderful. It really helps to do other exercises that are low impact and focuses on the areas that you need to work on or keep in shape during pregnancy. I do alot of cardio on my own. The dvd helps the other areas that I can’t work on doing cardio. It’s 15 minutes - each segment and that’s nice. I’m only 20 weeks now but I can tell how hard or tired I can get easily. So the 15 minute segments are nice. And I think it’ll help me in the long run. I even thought my mom should try it even though she is not pregnant. She has bad knees and the low impact lower body exercises would be great for her. There are several options to choose from so that’s nice. Depending on your energy level and how much time you have, you are able to pick what portions of the exercises you want to do that day.”